Welcome to Hermetic Virtues Web Site
The purpose of this website is manifold.
It is designed to be a place where people of good will from all orders, groups, places and backgrounds can communicate to freely share what they have discovered in the course of their exploration for the greater good of all and the expansion of our intellectual and spiritual horizons.

Contributions of papers or ideas are very welcome – if you would like to see your published here contact us through our Contact Us link and we shall be glad to provide you with the writers guidelines.  

Another function of this website is to act as the home of the Hermetic Virtues magazine.  Here you can subscribe to it and obtain back copies.  You will find further details of this project under “HV Magazine” on this site.

As a further service to the community it is planned to offer a range of books, implements, graphic prints, eBooks, CDs and DVDs regarding suitable topics which will also be built up over time. Much of the proceeds from the sale of these items all goes to a non-profit organization and to cover expenses. 

If you are arranging an event, such as a conference or workshop, please let us know so that we can put up some information on it and provide a contact address so that anybody who is interested can find out more.

Your Hermetic Virtues team

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